Waste Collection

The City of Cold Lake collects and disposes of household waste, recycling and organics on a weekly and bi-weekly basis.  Information and schedules about curbside pickup for each can be found using the links below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m not sure when my collection is or which zone I’m in. more

A. If you are not sure when your collection day is or what zone you fall under, refer to the collection schedules map. If you are still unsure, please contact Public Works for more information on your collection date.


Q. What time do I place my materials out for collection? more

A. Materials must be placed at the curb by 7:00 am the day of collection.


Q. Does one truck collect everything? more

A. No. There are three trucks, one for each waste stream (garbage, recycling and organics). This prevents contamination by ensuring materials are collected separately and delivered to the appropriate facilities.


Q. Do I have to keep my materials separate at the curb on collection day? more

A. Yes. By keeping materials separated at the curb, collectors can easily identify materials for collection. The trucks do not always follow the same routes and if materials are buried beneath one another, they could be missed.


Please contact the Foreman of Waste Management with
any further questions at (780) 594-4496.